Queen Mary goes rainbow in May to celebrate Long Beach Pride, hosts Poseidon Dance Party
The historic ocean liner the Queen Mary, anchored in Long Beach Harbor as a historical museum, is illuminating the night sky with rainbow-colored lights from bow to stern to show solidarity with the LGBT community…read more.

Long Beach Pride parade and festival tips & notes
This will not be a good weekend to be in a car: The westbound and eastbound lanes of Shoreline Drive between Ocean Boulevard and Shoreline Village Drive will be closed until 10 a.m. Monday. Ocean Bouelvard will be closed 3 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday for the Parade.…read more.

Rainbows Color Events Throughout Pride Week
While this weekend’s Gay Pride Festival and the parade on Sunday attracts a lot of attention, there are other activities happening to help celebrate Gay Pride Week. Here’s a list of other happenings around town.…read more.

Queen Mary Raises Rainbow Lights for Pride
To inaugurate Pride weekend, the Queen Mary has risen a row of rainbow lights where a string of traditionally white ones glow.

They will continue to glow until the end of the weekend, including hanging over those who decide to dance atop the deck in the ship’s annual Pride party, Poseidon.…read more.


Queen Mary goes rainbow in May to celebrate LB Pride


2 thoughts on “Queen Mary goes rainbow in May to celebrate LB Pride

  1. Lin says:

    My Grandad designed the propellor on the QMary. I wondered if there is any of it left there? Though I knnow they melted it down cos we have some things made from it. They went on the maiden voyage wiv me 6mth old Aunty.

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